Zelda shares her experiences with Nelson Mandela through her speaking engagements to navigate the complexities of immigration, integration and fighting racism.

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Zelda has been on the speaking circuit since 2009. Her motivational speaking sessions cover some of her insights and learnings, having worked for Nelson Mandela as his closest aide. She tailor makes her speeches to conference themes citing anecdotes from her time with Mr Mandela to illustrate the moral authority and compassionate leader that he was. Her first hand experience of the inner workings of the political system that required integration, reconciliation and forging a country in which all its people joined behind a common purpose for peace and stability, allows her to guide audiences to face the challenges the world faces today. She manages to humanize the person to audiences across the world with her story-telling, underscoring the values and principles that Nelson Mandela was known for.

She often acts as Keynote to large international conferences. However no group is too big or small for her to engage and she often offers zoom sessions to international audiences too. She believes that sharing her experiences is an obligation and honour for the opportunity and privilege to have served Nelson Mandela. Her story is an inspirational reminder that we all have the ability to adapt and change; that no one is beyond redemption and that respect, compassion and integrity are the most important values anyone can attain.