Zelda’s International Best selling book “Good Morning, Mr Mandela” is translated to 13 languages of which Chinese is the latest addition. The book is developed into film. She is currently working on her second book.

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“President Nelson Mandela’s choice of the young Afrikaner typist Zelda la Grange as his most trusted aide embodied his commitment to reconciliation in South Africa. She repaid his trust with loyalty and integrity. I have the highest regard for her.”

—Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu

“Zelda la Grange has a singular perspective on Nelson Mandela, having served as his longtime personal aide, confidante and close friend. She is a dear friend to both of us and a touchstone to all of us who loved Madiba. Her story of their journey together demonstrates how a man who transformed an entire nation also had the power to transform the life of one extraordinary woman.”

—Morgan Freeman and Lori McCreary, actor, producer of Invictus

Language Publisher
Afrikaans Penguin South Africa
Dutch Uitgeverij Het Spectrum
French Editions Kero
German Random House Verlag
Italian Edizioni Piemme
Norwegian Vigmostad & Bjorke
Portuguese (Portugal) Temas e Debates
Portuguese (Brazil) Novo Conceito
English (UK and Commonwealth) Penguin Randomhouse UK,
English (United States of America and Canada) Viking
Japanese Tuttle-Mori Agency, Inc, Tokyo
Audiobook Whole Story Audiobooks
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